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What does it take to be a leader of your own life

or an authentic leader for others?


Awareness Coaching & Training has worked with hundreds of people varying from executives to ambitious or lost teenagers. Enhance your self-mastery skills and take charge of your own life.



Professional training for life/career coaches, counsellors, students and teachers.


Become certified in The Game of Gifts & Young Talent or add other coaching tools.

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What makes us different


Awareness Coaching & Training is about becoming aware of subconscious patterns and habits.

We define awareness as an unlimited field of potential and realise it is the key  to transformation and consciousness

We are introducing new unique personal & leadership development tools from Europe in the field of life and career coaching both for adults and youth: The Game of Gifts and Young TALENT.


These positive methods take quite a different approach compared to the more conventional ways of coaching by using game boards, archetypes, imagination and visualisation to create awareness.


Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence are fundamental principles behind our coaching.


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