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In 2006 I started to work with the Game of Gifts as part of my (career) coaching practice. I love this methodology because it is entirely about finding your own answers on a deep level in a unique way. Getting to know the different aspects of yourself (which are called "talents" in the Game of Gifts)and becoming aware of how you can manage those aspects is an amazing transformative process. Since 2013 I have added Young Talent to my tools as coach. That enables me to work with youth from the age of 12.  I'm hoping to train more Game of Gifts and Young Talent coaches in Australia and New Zealand. 

I am a mother and grandmother. I lived in New Zealand from 1974 to 1979. Although I returned to Europe, I never lost her connection to the land of New Zealand. I returned to New Zealand to live in 2014 but had to leave again in 2019. At present I am based in Haarlem in the Netherlands. As a lot of my work can be done online this does not limit my possibilities in coaching and training with clients in other parts of the world.


About Brigit


I sincerely believe that people who live life to their full potential, people who know about their purpose in life and who take responsibility for their own life are happier and more capable of dealing with the changes and challenges in life. Living that way they not only can be of true service by bringing their gifts to the world, but also become great inspirers to other people.

My deep conviction is that there is no higher purpose in life than to discover and stay true to yourself and express your unique talents. It is my passion to develop true leaders, people that know they are the creators of their own lives. Wouldn't it be awesome to do this in an early stage of your life instead of wasting decades being on the wrong path? That's why I love working with young adults who aspire to become a leader in some way. 



Brigit: "It takes courage to be authentic but the reward is an immense sense of freedom. That's how you recognise true inspiring leaders in all levels of society. They are courageous, authentic and free. To be able to be authentic you need to know who you are at your core and what you value most in life. That's the journey."

About the Logo

In the logo of Awareness Coaching & Training you can see the nautilus. Apart from representing Brigit’s love for the sea, it also symbolises nature’s perfect way of growth. It ties in with her vision that development is about growing and staying connected to one’s core at the same time.


The nautilus is closely related to the squid and the octopus. It lives in the depths of the sea most of the time and only emerges once a month to feed at the surface. Its beautiful curved shell has many individual chambers, which are connected by a system of tubes. When a young nautilus first hatches from its egg, it is about an inch in diameter and has a shell with seven chambers. As it gets larger, it will add new chambers to its shell. Each new chamber will be a little larger that the last, allowing the opening of the shell to continually grow larger. It always stays connected to its core by a central tube. A nautilus can live up to 20 years.

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