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Corporate Coaching

The programmes of Awareness Coaching & Training are focused on Leadership Development and Culture/Value Alignment. They are aimed at personal and professional development of your managers and non-managerial employees, enabling them to be of most value to your business or organisation. Coaching is an important way to look after your employees' well being at all levels. What do they need to thrive and take care of themselves?

This approach is particularly helpful in start-ups where the pressure is high and with highly sensitive people within the organisation. 


We offer individual sessions, team and group coaching. 

As every situation is different, a tailored programme will be drawn up to suit your needs. You will be able to optimise your employees’ work efforts by empowering them with self-management tools and skills, inspiring them to become authentic leaders, expressing their unique talents.

We are also excited to introduce our coaching tool "The Game of Gifts" for (conscious) team building purposes and burnout prevention programmes.


I still have great memories of our evening together working with The Game of Gifts at our Child Day Care Centre. That was the beginning of a stronger relationship within my team. A very special, unique evening of self-reflection, team building and most important, coming together to describe what the mission of our Child Day Care Centre is.
There is a lot more mutual respect and understanding in the team now and I want to thank you for your big contribution to that.
Blanca, The Netherlands

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