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Using different methods, Awareness Coaching & Training can help you:

  • Make the desired changes in your life

  • Step into the freedom of being authentic

  • Discover your talents & purpose in life

  • Live your dreams & your potential

  • Deal with major changes (e.g. dismissal, divorce, illness, personal bereavement)

  • Enhance leadership abilities​

Private Coaching


Self-Mastery and Leadership Coaching

In our coaching you work with a specific question. It might be an area in your life where you feel stuck. You might be standing at a crossroads. You feel you need to take a decision but you keep running around in circles. Maybe you would like to find out what you want to do with the rest of your life. By self-reflection, you gain insight into your beliefs, into your own attitude and behaviour and how these sometimes get in the way of being your true self. You will learn what really matters to you and discover ways to find your own answers, enabling you to move on independently again.


Career Coaching


The reason to go for career coaching is usually a feeling of dissatisfaction with your current job or a forced change of job or work environment. The starting point is now. Where do you stand? What knowledge and experience do you have? How can you develop yourself and find work more in alignment with your heart’s desires? You explore how you have made your choices to date in your life, what you really want, what your capabilities and limitations are, and what direction would be best for you. Gradually you gain more confidence and self-esteem. You increase your autonomy, which helps you choose the direction that suits you best.

Youth Coaching

Examples of influential areas include:

  • school/study/career choices

  • talent development

  • ​discovering interests/passions

  • high sensitivity​

  • ​​fear of failure

  • dealing with grief

Youth Coaching
Schools and Universities might want to introduce any of our programme for career coaching benefits.
When students have a clear idea where they are heading in an early stage of their study it can save them a lot of time, worry and discomfort.
They become more self-confident and can make their decisions based upon a deep knowing of themselves rather than mainly searching for advice and answers from others.
Why waste a lifetime doing what is expected of you instead of following your own dreams and passions right from the start?
There is a youth version of the Game of Gifts called Young TALENT. Click here to see the flyer.
Special Sessions

The Game of Gifts offers insight when you have questions like:

  • what is my purpose in life?

  • how can I be the best I can?

  • how can I make the most of my talents?

  • I'm at a crossroads, where to from here?

  • what education fits my talents best?

  • do I have the right job?

  • how can I find more work-life balance?

  • why am I losing my energy?

  • should I start my own business?

Special Coaching Programme:
The Game of Gifts​
The Game of Gifts is a playful, yet profound method using imagination and visualisation to help you discover your unique gifts and gain insight into your purpose in life.
By playing this facilitated game, you connect with all your different gifts or talents. You not only gain clarity about the role your talents play in your life but also learn how to use them to their full potential.
Brigit "The Game of Gifts is the most powerful method I have encountered to get to know myself and my own needs in order to be authentic. I've learned to acknowledge my gifts, to accept inner leadership and to take responsibility for my life in a joyful way."
Inspired by Carl Gustav Jung and Joseph J. Campbell the method works with archetypes and the hero's journey. It was developed by Willem Glaudemans in the Netherlands.
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